Diamond Engagement Rings


Having the guts to ask your lady to marry you? If so, then you should make sure that it’ll be a memorable event not just for her but for you as well. If you’re looking for a great way to make impressions on her, then you know that a diamond engagement ring will certainly work out just fine. For a long time, diamond rings are the face of engagement rings but, they also work okay for wedding rings. The engagement has to be a surprise for her hence, you’ll have to go through the buying process on your own.

However, this must not worry you as working with some questions will help you find the best jewellery for her without having to spoil your surprise. Here are a few questions that can literally guide you when shopping for an engagement ring.

Number 1. How much to spend?

This one question is so important given the fact that the diamond engagement rings uk can be costly. The choices are quite a lot as well and it may be tedious to make a choice when you’re not working on a budget. By setting a budget for the ring, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and as a result, get the ring that is afford by your spending budget.

Number 2. What jewelry she loves?

You can easily tell this by the jewelries she wear already. Does she prefer feminine and sophisticated styles or the classic or modern? Perhaps she likes silver or gold, simple or ornate, chunky or delicate? These things are considerations that’ll ensure that you can get her a ring that she’ll love. Buying a ring that’s similar to her preference will probably work fine.

Number 3. What’s her ring size?

Nothing can be more frustrating than having to propose with a ring that’s either too big or too small for her finger. This as a result makes it important to know the size of her finger to be able to get the perfect fit. You can make use of any ring she wears to be able to trace the inner circle or just press the ring on a bar soap to at least get an impression. This helps the jeweler to find the right size for her finger. And in the event that she isn’t used to wearing rings that you can use, don’t fret as you may make a quick guess by taking a look at her fingers.


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